1. The desk organizer

[Needs updated drawings]

The desk organizer we will create is this course is quick and simple to make, but includes a lot of features that you need to know. The organizer is designed to be 3D printed without support.

As you will soon discover, it is really easy to modify the desk organizer and make it larger or smaller, turn it into a tool holder, or even a make up stand or small dish rack. Only your imagination sets the limit.

Note: Just like in Part 1, the videos are hosted on YouTube and embedded into the course. When the video is finished, you will see suggestions for other videos. This is controlled by YouTube and cannot be turned off. Don’t click on these videos, instead click the button “Mark complete” (only visible if you are enrolled) or the button “Next Lesson” below.

Topics covered in this video:

  • Presentation of the desk organizer

These are the two drawings you will use to create the desk organizer. Don’t worry, they will be repeated where you need them.